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To provide quality products to our Alaskan friends and visitors from around the world. Our products have spanned the globe. We desire to offer these same high quality creations to interested new friends and repeat customers. If you have been to Alaska, or it's on your bucket list, you can enjoy a little piece of Alaska in your home. We work diligently to produce high quality merchandise, whether it be a stone creation that will last a lifetime, or handcrafted soaps, for your everyday pleasure.


Hi there! I purchased some of your soaps at the Blue Urchin during a recent vacation to Homer, and they are absolutely amazing; the best soaps I have ever used and regret only buying a handful of them. I live way out in Connecticut and was wondering if there was any way you would be able to ship some soap to me some time after I run out? I would probably want to buy around 20 to 30 bars. These soaps have turned my daily hygiene routine into a timeless, rejuvenating experience, and I'd love to be able to share that with my friends and family here on the east coast.
Sarah, Connecticut

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