In 2009 we decided to make the move to Alaska, after visiting frequently and feeling young enough for “one more adventure.” While we prepared to make the move, we also explored options for a home-based business and SoapStonz was born!  Like Michigan, Alaska has many wonderful, beautiful stones and we love to collect them. Once we settled on soap making and stone décor, we began to fine tune these crafts. For 8 years now, we have enjoyed providing quality products that make people smile!

Once we arrived on the Kenai Peninsula in 2011, we discovered wonderful beaches and long summer days to enjoy them! While Dave works a full-time job, I get to stay at home and be creative. I spend much of the winter months melting snow for our soaps, and making quality embroidered items, selling hundreds of potholders every summer. We attend many of the festivals and markets here on the Kenai Peninsula, and attend the downtown Anchorage market frequently during the summer.

We feel truly blessed to be here in this beautiful place and using God’s natural products to create merchandise that can be used and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike!  Enjoy your SoapStonz products - Celebrating God’s Creation!